Welcome to a brand new version of your DASHBOARD. Experience a whole new look, interface and functions to better perform your job search activity.
‘Account Setting’ is easy to use and fundamentally essential in keeping your own account safe by managing your settings. Find out how you can edit your Personal Info. Change your Password or Deactivate your Account.
Here’s how you can edit your profile:
  1. On your DASHBOARD, go to ‘My Dashboard’, click ‘Account Setting’ and go to ‘Edit My Profile’ on the Profile Photo section, upload your latest photograph (Avoid distorted or unclear logo image)
  2. Under the My Profile section, key-in all your information including your Full Name and Email Address (This email address will be used for receiving email notifications of your job applications, and as well as for potential companies/employers to reach you)
  3. Click ‘Update’ to save all new changes
  4. On ‘Display Name’ dropdown, choose the updated name keyed in on ‘Full Name’ box